Does Your Nonprofit Have A Great Tagline? Enter the 2012 ‘Taggies!’

When we think about messaging, we often focus on logos and other visual aspects of a brand.

But according to marketing and communications consultant Nancy Schwartz, 71% of nonprofits lack an organizational tagline or rate theirs as ineffective. The mind behind nonprofit marketing blog Getting Attention, Nancy hopes to raise awareness about the importance of taglines and highlight nonprofits that are getting theirs right.

“A relevant tagline does double-duty—working to extend an organization’s name and mission, while delivering a memorable and motivating message to the people whose help it needs,” Nancy says.

That’s why she’s hosting the 2012 Nonprofit Tagline Awards, a competition designed to inspire and guide nonprofits to make the most out of your messaging. Effective taglines connect quickly and strongly with your target audiences, and the Nonprofit Tagline Awards — the Taggies — will recognize the best of the best. All nonprofits and libraries are encouraged to enter.

This year’s Taggies feature five categories of tagline: organizational, program, advocacy campaign, fundraising campaign and special event. You can submit up to five separate taglines — one to each category. Enter your taglines now!

As a bonus, all entrants will be granted access to a free webinar with Nancy on nonprofit messaging: Aha! Messages — 4 Ways to Test Message Relevance.

Last year, the Taggies attracted 2,700 excellent entries and we’re sure this year’s will be even more impressive. We’d especially like to encourage you to submit taglines related to volunteering. Try submitting the tagline from your last big volunteer event to the “special event” category, or enter the slogan for your overall volunteer program as a “program” tagline!

Please take three minutes to enter your nonprofit’s taglines today. You can also follow the Taggies on Twitter with the hashtag #taggies12.

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