Everything I Need to Know about Social Media I’ll Learn at the NCVS Preconference

Get a serious social media knowledge dropDo you know what is making us most excited about the Social Media for Social Good Preconference workshop before the National Conference on Volunteering and Service this year?

It’s not that it will include a half-day of pure social media strategy.

It’s not that there will be a mix of presentations, panels and small group break-outs, facilitating true collaboration and peer learning.

It’s not that it will tie in well with other social media sessions and topics being presented at the main conference.

It’s not that the content and focus will be so concrete that attendees will walk away with the tools to design and implement the best social media strategy for their organizations.

No, these are all great reasons to be excited for the Social Media for Social Good Preconference, which is happening on Sunday, June 17 from 1-5pm. But what has us most excited is that this workshop is bringing together top social media experts from all over the field.

The session is challenging people like Holly Ross and Amy Sample Ward of NTEN, or Robert Rosenthal (who happens to be VP of Communications & Marketing here at VolunteerMatch) to apply their knowledge and experience directly to issues unique to volunteer engagement and management.

Whether you consider yourself to be a social media novice or an intermediate level practitioner, you will most certainly learn something new at this workshop.

Click here for more information about the Social Media for Social Good Preconference and to register.