Are You Volunteer Manager Enough?

Are you serious about volunteer engagement?Are you serious about volunteer engagement? Are you looking for ways to advance your professional career and further develop your organization’s volunteer program?

Then SAVE is for you.

The Summit on Advanced Volunteer Engagement, a preconference event occurring before the National Conference on Volunteering and Service, is a premier professional development opportunity for people who are serious about volunteer engagement and management.

From Saturday, June 16th to Monday, June 18th the sessions will be focused and intimate. Experts will come together from all over the country, even the world, to meet each other and share knowledge and best practices.

This year’s SAVE theme is “Leading at the Crossroads 2012.” Attendees can expect to learn about cutting edge trends in volunteer engagement, and how to position their volunteer programs strategically within both their organizations and their communities. The emphasis will be on peer-to-peer networking and connecting in small groups to creatively address issues and challenges.

SAVE is designed specifically for individuals who have at least three years of experience in engaging volunteers in nonprofit, government and community organizations. The impressive speaker list includes experts and thought leaders from some of our favorite organizations and companies.

We’ll be there as well, with two staff members speaking. Our President, Greg Baldwin, will be giving a plenary on Sunday, June 17th about “Re-Thinking Leadership in a High Tech Age.” Jennifer Bennett, Senior Manager of Education and Training, will be leading a session on Monday, June 18th about using social media in your volunteer engagement plan.

If you’re an experienced volunteer engagement professional, we highly recommend SAVE. Click here for more information and to register.