Fans Get to Decide Where Tim Lincecum and 15 Other Athletes Will Volunteer

How often has your organization wished you had a major celebrity join the ranks of your volunteers?

In a cool campaign now underway in San Francisco and 15 other cities, popchips is asking the community of sports fans where two-time Cy Young Award-winning pitcher Tim Lincecum and more than a dozen other star athletes where they should volunteer. It’s an innovative way to connect the dots between community interests and community needs.

In San Francisco, the All-Star Lincecum is asking fans, “How can I give back to our community?” As in the other cities, fans have the chance to submit local nonprofits for Tim to support.

Whether he chooses to visit a local hospital, volunteer at a local school, or help out at YOUR organization, Tim will select one community organization and popchips will host an exclusive event for Tim and the nonprofit where he will “chip in” for a day – helping to raise awareness of the good work of the organization.

Beginning April 2, popchips will be accepting nonprofit submissions at From May 1 until May 20, the local community will be invited to vote on the submissions that they want to see popchips bring to life. Lincecum and the other athletes will choose the winning idea from the top five most popular entries in their regions. “I’m sure the fans will vote wisely!” Lincecum says.

Which star athlete would you like to involve at your organization?