The Power of the Social Media Message

Guest post by Brian Martinowich, Tweet Drive

Use technology to recruit volunteers on a dime

Recruiting volunteers can sometimes be challenging, especially on a limited budget. However, thousands of different organizations and charities accomplish it. What’s their secret?

While each organization is different and speaks to a different audience and particular cause, the common thread lies with highly motivated individuals who dedicate their time to mobilizing and spreading the word. The Tweet Drive organization is no exception, and we target individuals who are socially established and have a true passion for helping others, especially during the holiday season.

Here are some tips I’ve learned from working with Tweet Drive to effectively recruit awesome volunteers:

Have a Clear Message

The message is what truly attracts a volunteer to your particular cause or organization. Make sure that your message is clear, simple, and fairly short.

An effective message should also outline the need for the volunteer’s service, which may also incorporate the benefits of being a part of the cause or organization. These benefits can be simple: doing good for others, building a community, improving your skills and knowledge, etc.

Be Social

With the widespread use of social media and the Internet, it is important for your organization to have an online presence. Blogs, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and many other tools can all be used to promote your particular cause or organization. As long as you understand the nature of social engagement, you will start to see the impact and excitement you can generate across these different networks.

Empower Your Community

Not only will you be able to spread the word yourself, but social media gives your organization the opportunity to empower your volunteers to get their friends involved. You can create campaigns and conversations that get those who are involved passionate and excited about the work they are doing. That kind of passion is ALWAYS contagious.

Overall, it is about creating a brand for your cause that people can believe in and get excited about. A great organization has volunteers who don’t need to ask, “What’s in it for me?” because the mission and impact remains front and center. The ability to communicate this message can make all the difference between a good team of volunteers and a great team of cause champions.

As the Community Manager of the global social good campaign, Tweet Drive, Brian enjoys helping others through his experiences and expertise with social media. Brian is also a freelance writer for, a comprehensive resource guide for online mba programs.

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