Video: What On Earth is Going On With Our Facebook Page?!

Tomorrow, March 30, all Facebook Pages (including yours!) will change to the new Pages format. It’s pretty similar to personal Facebook profiles, including the addition of Timeline.

At VolunteerMatch, we’re excited by this change and itching to use the new format to provide even more value and engagement for you and our other community members.

To help cushion the transition, I made a video to re-orient members of our Facebook community to the new VolunteerMatch Page.


When it comes to your own Facebook Page, it’s important to realize that you can’t just let this switch happen without some curation. You need to make sure your apps, custom tabs and other info still look good in the new format. Also, there are some great new features you should take advantage of to increase and improve engagement with your Facebook community.

Here are some tips to optimize your Facebook Page for the new format, to connect with potential and current volunteers, and to add more value to your brand:

1. Make your Page image-oriented.

The Facebook Timeline format is very image heavy — high quality images can make the difference between a user who just glances at your Facebook page and a user who keeps coming back.

Bonus tip: Getting an image-oriented person to work on your Facebook Page would make a great volunteer opportunity – and it can be virtual!

VolunteerMatch cover photo and profile picture

The two most visible images on the new page are the cover photo and the profile photo. The dimensions of the cover timeline photo is 851×315 pixels and the profile photo is 180×180 pixels. Here are some ideas for cover images to get your imagination kick started.

2. Highlight your most engaging content.

The new format allows for more ways in which you can present your content, to make sure your community sees what you think is most important.

VolunteerMatch pinned post

Pinned posts will stay up at the top of your Timeline for up to one week, increasing the visibility of a really important message.

VolunteerMatch highlighted post

Highlighted posts are given more space, so your visitors know they are especially important.

3. Record your history using the Timeline feature.

Now your Facebook community won’t just see what you’ve posted in the past week or so – they can look through your entire organization’s history, to learn more and form deeper connections with who you are and why you’re here.

VolunteerMatch founding

This would be a perfect opportunity to scan for old pictures in dusty closets, bringing forth pictures and memories of your organization’s founding or volunteers from the past to add a sense of legacy to your organization’s work.

Uploading little tidbits of your nonprofit’s history adds value to your page and keeps people coming back, learning more about your organization. (The Timeline format goes all the way back to the year 1000, so you’ll be able to tell a very rich history, indeed.)

There’s a lot more great stuff to learn about the new Facebook Page format – I urge you to read through some other posts by experts, who can help you make the most of your Facebook Page to engage your community around your cause.

Here are some other resources:

What do you think of the new Facebook Pages?

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