VolunteerMatch’s Dream

This article is part of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival.

VolunteerMatch Has a DreamAmong national holidays, Martin Luther King Jr. Day holds a special place in our hearts here at VolunteerMatch. As a man who dedicated himself, his time and his resources to his dreams, he seems to us like the ultimate volunteer.

And in 1994 when Congress designated the day as a national day of service, it became even more meaningful and relevant to the VolunteerMatch community.

Now is a time for us to renew our determination to work towards achieving our own dreams. With that in mind, we created this video to share our dreams with you. Hopefully it will provide a little inspiration for you to pursue whatever you dream about.

Huge kudos to Julia Lee, VolunteerMatch staffer and filmographer extraordinaire, who served as co-writer, director, camera-lady and editor on the project. Thanks to Cynthia, Jennifer, Abby, Aaron and Greg for giving voice to our collective feelings. And a big thank you to Kevin MacLeod, creator of Eternal Hope, the music we used.

We hope you enjoy it!