We Want to Make You a Volunteer Management Celebrity

You can host a Volunteer Managers' Symposium!As we were developing new topics for our 2012 webinar calendar, the Education & Training team here at VolunteerMatch had a sudden realization – there is a great resource right in front of us that we’re failing to take advantage of.

We were discussing one of our new webinar topics, “Walking the Walk: Engaging Volunteers in your Volunteer Engagement Program.” It occurred to us that we use volunteers here in our offices… why not use them on our webinars too? Our volunteer manager audience (you!) is a great resource, and each of you brings a unique volunteer philosophy, style and depth of program experience.

With that in mind, we’re preparing to embark on a new kind of volunteer management webinar – the Volunteer Managers’ Symposium. Rather than have us share our experiences, or collect best practices from you to pass along to others, we’re inviting you to be an active part of our webinar series.

Our vision for these symposia is pretty simple. 2-4 presenters will each have 10-20 minutes to lay out some component of your program – a great volunteer orientation you’ve run, for example, or a challenge you’ve overcome – and the lessons you learned.

We’re open-minded about what kind of topics to tackle, but we’d ask that you think critically about what areas of your expertise might be of most benefit to other volunteer managers. The Education & Training team will facilitate the sessions, transitioning between presenters, managing the schedule, and fielding questions.

Here are a few of the ideas we have about topics our “viewers” have expressed interest in previously:

  • Designing and running a volunteer orientation
  • Creatively recognizing volunteer contributions
  • Measuring volunteer outcomes
  • Developing and implementing a virtual volunteering opportunity
  • Creating programs for youth leadership and volunteerism
  • Maintaining high volunteer retention through program changes
  • Fostering and supporting community amongst volunteers

Apply to be a part of the first symposium here.

Here are the types of questions you can expect to see on the application:

  • Why did you choose this topic?
  • How many years of volunteer management experience do you have?
  • What are some of the key takeaways you want volunteer managers to leave your session with?
  • What kind of public speaking/training experience do you have?
  • Have you presented on this or a similar topic before?

Someone from VolunteerMatch will reach out to you within 2 weeks to follow up – date/s are still being determined, as they’ll be somewhat based on interest and availability.

We’re so looking forward to hearing from you!

Apply to be on a Volunteer Managers’ Symposium now.

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