Our Pro Bono Success Story

Don't we look pretty?

Notice anything… different about us?

That’s right, we’ve got a cool new look! Updated colors, some great drop shadowing, and high-tech buttons in the sidebar that link you to all the ways VolunteerMatch helps nonprofits.

But the best part about our blog face lift is that we got it done by professional designers and coders for free – pro bono. VolunteerMatch was lucky enough to be chosen as a nonprofit grantee for the Discovery Impact: Creating Change pro bono marathon.

An impressive team of designers, copywriters and developers were dedicated to giving us the best volunteering blogs out there (they also worked on our blog for business leaders, Volunteering is CSR).

The Pro Bono Disconnect

Pro bono is a valuable volunteer resource for nonprofits, providing the resources needed to complete intensive skill-based projects that most organizations would never be able to accomplish on their own. However, the opportunity of pro bono is often overlooked by nonprofit volunteer managers.

Taproot Foundation helps connect nonprofits with pro bono professionals that are looking to help. They also provide resources for both the organizations receiving the pro bono and the individuals giving it, to ensure the most effective and impactful project possible.

According to Taproot, only 3% of nonprofits report having access to the pro bono services they need. And only one out of the top 10 organizational priorities cited by nonprofit executive directors is NOT a direct fit for pro bono volunteer work.

Yet 29,983 LinkedIn profiles include the term ‘pro bono.’ And 20 of the top 25 business schools have pro bono programs. And many companies are starting to join Microsoft, who has committed 185,000 hours of employee time over three years to pro bono service.

Clearly, there is a disconnect between the nonprofits that need and could benefit from pro bono, and the individuals and companies that can and want to provide it. Organizations like Taproot, VolunteerMatch and Catchafire are on the front lines working to bridge this gap.

Our Pro Bono Success

Our pro bono experience was a great one, and not just because we got something so valuable for free. The Creating Change program provided value for both VolunteerMatch and our staff, as well as for the members of the Discovery Communications team that worked on the project.

On the VolunteerMatch side, we were able to further strengthen our relationship with Discovery Communications, who is not only a client but a great partner and friend in the volunteering sector. Our staff were exposed to a highly skilled and specialized team of professionals, gaining expertise in high level design projects.

The folks on the Discovery Communications team were able to use their skills for a good cause. The project gave them an opportunity to step outside their normal job function, as some developers served as copywriters and some designer served as project managers, etc. They also had the opportunity to interact directly with a nonprofit, learning about the challenges we face and the goals that drive us.

So think about how pro bono could benefit your organization – we have no doubt it could. And consider signing up for a project through Taproot, or entering an event like Discovery’s, or even approaching a local partner with whom you already have a partnership to launch a pro bono program with them.

And a huge THANK YOU! to our pro bono team from Discovery Communications. Every time we open our blog, we will think of you.