Announcing the VolunteerMatch Frequent Learners Program – Gain Knowledge, Not Miles

Frequent Learners ProgramWith the year drawing to a close, it’s a natural time to look back over the past 12 months at everything you and your organization have accomplished. For the Education & Training team at VolunteerMatch, this past year means over 100 training webinars, over 5000 attendees, and a lot of knowledge passed along to volunteer managers across the country.

This year in particular, we’ve been keeping close track of our webinar attendees. Soon we’ll have the chance to offer some special recognition to our “viewers” who have proven through their attendance at our trainings and use of our services in their recruitment plans to be dedicated to their own professional development. Whether they know it or not, these folks are some of our strongest supporters. So we decided to create the VolunteerMatch Frequent Learners Program.

The folks we’ll mention must meet a few key criteria to qualify as a VolunteerMatch Frequent Learner:

  • Each of them must have attended 10 or more (yes, that’s right, TEN!) of our webinars in 2011. Some have attended closer to 20 – that’s almost as many webinar titles as we offer!
  • Each of them must have an active VolunteerMatch account and be an administrator at an organization with at least 5 listings that have been active during 2011.

Our webinar attendees represent a diverse cross-section of volunteer managers from across the country, with organizations representing a broad range of impact areas. Despite their differences, they all found the VolunteerMatch Learning Center and (we hope!) have been able to add even more value to their organizations by incorporating some of what they’ve learned through our webinars.

You may see a few of our Frequent Learners pop up as guest bloggers tackling a wide range of topics for us in the upcoming weeks. I’m looking forward to hearing from them, and I hope you are too!

We’re hoping to expand our Frequent Learners program in 2012 – so stay tuned for more information on how to become a part of this group.