The VolunteerMatch LinkedIn Experience (There’s Nothing Like It)

The most well-known aspect of the VolunteerMatch persona is definitely our website with over 72,000 volunteer listings. And nonprofits like you probably know about the new behind-the-scenes products we’ve released, like the Management Dashboard and the Listing Wizard.

But the world of VolunteerMatch extends far beyond these useful tools. In fact, one of our fastest growing communities isn’t even on – it’s on LinkedIn.

The VolunteerMatch LinkedIn group has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year, tripling in size to over 3,400 nonprofit professionals, dedicated volunteers and corporate employees who work in employee engagement and CSR.

Why LinkedIn?

As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn is the perfect way to provide our members a trusted place to connect with peers. And with LinkedIn’s new Volunteer Experience & Causes field, the network is becoming an even more relevant place for volunteering, and making volunteering even more relevant in the professional landscape.

On a more basic level, though, we’ve noticed that people really do want to talk to each other about volunteering and volunteer management, and we want to enable that. LinkedIn is a great way to do that.

What’s Happening?

New discussions are posted in our LinkedIn group constantly. Here are some examples of the types of interactions you can have with other members:

  • One of our most popular discussions stemmed from a frustrated volunteer who didn’t hear back from a nonprofit when she tried to volunteer there. Read what others had to say about the issue, and contribute your own thoughts.
  • Our LinkedIn group is also a place where we post inspiring stories of nonprofits and the volunteers they work with. You can send us your story by filling out this form, and we’ll help spread the word of your impact on our LinkedIn group and elsewhere.
  • Every day brings more professional sharing and learning – like Suzy who asked for help on risk management in volunteer programs. She received over a dozen comments helping her out.
  • Finally, the group is a great place to connect with people who are looking to help your organization (like small companies). Nancy asked and received half a dozen comments from people who wanted to give their time and resources.

So join the VolunteerMatch LinkedIn group now and begin networking with a diverse, dedicated group of your peers – and expand your professional network by over 3000 with just a few clicks.