Giving Back with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Hearing from volunteers, whether your own or that of other organizations, is a great way to learn best practices (and what NOT to do). Below, a volunteer worked with a TV show to build a new home for a family that spends their time giving back, also.

Guest post by Pete Scheneman, ModSpace

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition recently made its way to Lewes, Delaware to give back to a local family well known for selflessly giving to their community.

The Dunning Family – now more prominently known as the proud, expense-free new owners of the Jusst Sooup Ranch – is a free-spirited and determined group of humanitarians. They have dedicated much of their lives to assisting the less fortunate through their soup kitchen. I consider myself blessed to have partnered with the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team to help a family that has given so much.

Together with Delaware-native home builders, Schell Brothers, we worked tirelessly to build three main structures: a residence for the family, an inspiring new soup kitchen, and an additional private living space for the son of the family who spends every waking hour working in the soup kitchen.

ModSpace contributed a jobsite trailer to help manage the project, while I gave my time to help this worthy cause. When it came time to build, jobs were assigned based on individual building experience, but no matter what level of construction experience, we all played equal roles in the project.

Each of us proudly strapped on our hard hats and endured scorching heat to build a home for a family we knew deserved our time and efforts. The energy we put into the home was miniscule compared to the family’s life-long legacy of hard work and compassion.

By the end of the project, our efforts had clearly paid off. Communication was never lacking, plans were detail-oriented, and we relentlessly pushed through time restrictions even as we faced the wrath of Hurricane Irene.

I was pleased that the cast and producers of the show were just as passionate about supporting the team and giving to the family as we were. We were greeted warmly and given a sense of appreciation for what we were doing. Even in crunch time, a designer with the crew named Sabrina paused to take a friendly picture.

Donating trailers and people to help a special family.My experience with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition proved to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will cherish for years. Being a part of a motivational, uplifting contribution to such great people is enough reward for any person.

If you’re interested in watching this episode, the Dunning Family’s story will air as a 2-hour Thanksgiving Special on Friday, November 18th. You can visit the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition About the Show webpage to learn how to nominate a deserving family in need of a home makeover.

Pete Scheneman is the Territory Sales Manager in the Baltimore, Maryland area for the Modular Space Corporation (also known as ModSpace). ModSpace is a leading provider of temporary and permanent modular buildings, such as portable offices and construction trailers, with 65 branch locations across the United States.

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