Reminder: the Volunteering Resource Library is Here to Help

Remember the Volunteering Resource Library?Lest you forget, VolunteerMatch has built an extensively useful collection of volunteering-related resources and research on the IdeaEncore Network. The Volunteering Resource Library is easily accessible via the colorful tile to the right, or you can browse the many archived posts on Engaging Volunteers featuring documents from the library.

We’ve all heard that “sharing is caring,” and while that’s certainly true, in the nonprofit sector sharing is also an excellent way to gain tools and knowledge you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, and to help the entire sector be more effective and impactful. The Volunteering Resource Library is one way VolunteerMatch is using IdeaEncore’s excellent website to give you, our nonprofits, a way to improve and enhance your volunteer programs.

What’s great about the Library is that not only can you access the resource, you can also contribute your own! So take a look at some examples below of what you’ll find, browse the rest of the library for other helpful documents, and think about what your nonprofit has to contribute to the growing Volunteering Resource Library.

  • Toward a New Definition of Pro Bono
    The President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, together with several key private and government partners, convened The Summit on Corporate Volunteerism in February 2008. Toward a New Definition of Probono, produced out of this summit, makes the case for utilizing probono volunteer services.

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