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Discovery Communications' employee volunteers
Discovery Communications' employee volunteers

At this point, you may feel a rising need to ask “Why should I care about what some company is doing to get its employees to volunteer?” Before you do, let me explain.

At VolunteerMatch we work to support YOUR work in a variety of ways, from providing a free place to list your volunteer opportunities, to running free webinars on volunteer recruitment and management, to posting news, resources, and thought pieces on this blog. We also form partnerships with corporations that seek to engage their employees in volunteering. This creates a new way for your opportunities to reach a whole new population of potential volunteers. In 2010, 45% of all the volunteer referrals on VolunteerMatch came from our corporate partners, straight to your inboxes.

We help guide these companies in their employee engagement efforts, and we even have a special blog focused on corporate social responsibility and employee volunteering issues called Volunteering is CSR.

Here are some recent articles from the blog. Since they’re important to the corporations who are mobilizing their employees, they just may be important to you as you seek to harness the power of these volunteers.

  • Welcome to the VolunteerMatch Club
    VolunteerMatch currently works with over 140 leading organizations across a range of industries, and it’s always exciting when new partners come on board.
  • Social Media and Employee Volunteering  – A Series
    From recruiting to coordinating to showcasing impact, social media and volunteer engagement are a great match – perhaps because both are inherently social in nature. In this special series of posts based on discussions held at our 2011 Client Summit, we explored the intersection of social media and employee volunteering.