Lend Us Your Smiles and Promote the Spirit of Volunteering

Don’t miss this chance to get your photos the exposure they need!

As we rush into the second half of 2011, it’s time for us to gather snapshots of the amazing experiences you’ve had with your volunteers. This is your chance to show us and our global network the impact you’ve had.

Step into the spotlight and get your nonprofit’s name out there! We feature these images in our website, monthly newsletters, annual reports, press releases, and our newly updated galleries on Flickr. Snapshots of volunteers are just what we need to inspire our audience. Help us continue our mission to connect volunteers and nonprofits.

We’re looking for images that pop! Harness your inner photo hobbyist and dig up images that…

  • Are dynamic and exciting
  • Beautiful, colorful and hi-resolution
  • Show the joys of volunteering, working together and using special skills and talents
  • Display exciting locations
  • Showcase the diversity of your community

If you’ve got the perfect photo, get in touch with me at jfineman@volunteermatch.org and I’ll key you in on the next steps that will have you showing off your volunteer’s smiling faces to the world!

Photo credits courtesy VolunteerMatch organizations (counter-clockwise from top left):