Fellow Users Need You: Community-Powered Support Update

Remember that Community-Powered Support page we told you about a few weeks ago?

Since then, we’ve generated excited interest from curious users who have contributed to our new Community Support page, and we’re looking for you to join the conversations! (Or be a rebel and start your own.)

We’re particularly excited about the Community Support page because members are starting to take advantage of their new capabilities, and are creating their own support-oriented topics. What’s especially great about that? It provides you and other nonprofits with a place to get guidance from others who have gone through whatever nonprofit challenge they’re facing. The VolunteerMatch community can now help itself, with thousands of knowledgeable resources (you!).

Since we’ve only just begun to tap into our larger community, we know there are many more questions, ideas and critiques to come up—and we can’t wait! As participation grows, so will this interactive database of information, enabling you to get the exact kind of support you need—when you need it. And as excited as we are now, we know we can spark more interest. We need your input to build this database and make it useful for everyone.

You’re the Expert

The VolunteerMatch team is looking for your voice in conversations started by organizations and volunteer coordinators like you. Some of the topics that have been created by community members include general questions, community project ideas, and even criticism. (Yes, we welcome criticism!) Here are a few examples of what’s up there now:

Are there training sessions to help me learn VolunteerMatch tools?
This is a great example of how organizations can get answers about our services (in this case, the learning center and our webinars), and encouragement from others who are more familiar with VolunteerMatch. Our Community Support page is a great place to ask questions on the ins and outs of using VolunteerMatch—especially if other savvy nonprofits can contribute their two cents.

Sharing ideas on community action and looking for advice
A couple topics have been sparked on our Community Support page in search of helpful tips on creating projects and nonprofits.  And as anyone who has been through this process knows, bringing these projects to fruition can be daunting. However, you can provide the type of guidance and insight that beginners need to get their ideas in motion.

Many places to donate blood in the wide world
A volunteer coordinator wrote in response to our June 2011 newsletter that there are other organizations where people can donate blood in addition to the one we provided. This input let us know that it’s important to our community that we provide them with well-rounded information that is representative of the variety of organizations on VolunteerMatch.

And we’ve only just gotten started!

Do you have questions about VolunteerMatch or volunteer management? Do you consider yourself an expert at volunteer recruiting? Join the conversations!

Our Community Support page is a great tool not only to use VolunteerMatch better, but also to connect with our network as a whole. So what are you waiting for? Share your input now!

Marie Hoffmann Jones is an intern at VolunteerMatch. You can reach her at mjones@volunteermatch.org.