The Answers You Seek: Social Media for Nonprofits Conference

Social Media for Nonprofits Conference SeriesSocial media is a powerful tool with the potential to significantly help nonprofits communicate with stakeholders and achieve their mission. It can help nonprofits connect with donors, volunteers, staff and board recruits, and other supporters in direct, powerful ways.

But it’s not so simple for resource-strapped community-based organizations to seize the opportunities presented by this new landscape and take advantage of social media to see its benefits. How can nonprofits with small budgets and even less time practically put social media to good use?

This is the key question driving the nationwide Social Media for Nonprofits conference series.  The series is created and run by Darian Rodriguez Heyman, building on the relationships and knowledge he gained during his five-year tenure as Executive Director of Craigslist Foundation. The seven-city effort was developed to provide practical tips and tools regarding social media to nonprofits of all sizes and shapes.

Dozens of leading experts and partner organizations are taking part in the conference series, including Beth Kanter, Guy Kawasaki, Ami Dar, Alexis Ohanian and more. They’ll share lessons that they’ve learned in their social media practice as well as pitfalls to avoid.

The conference series is a great follow-up to the Best Practice Network Webinar Darian ran with Sean Sullivan last week for VolunteerMatch, “Leveraging Social Media and Tapping Volunteers to Raise Big Bucks.”

Join the 3,000 members of the nonprofit community participating in Social Media for Nonprofits, and learn about tools and resources to help you raise more money, market your efforts more effectively, and ultimately be more successful at effecting change.

You can get a special discount on your registration through VolunteerMatch using the “Volun” discount code, so register today for the conference location closest to you:

I’ll be at the San Francisco event next Wednesday, July 29th representing VolunteerMatch. I’m looking forward to meeting readers of Engaging Volunteers, so be sure to let me know in the comments if you’ll be there, too!

What resources and information would you want to see at a social media conference for nonprofits?