Search Traffic by City is Way Up Right Now – Except in Nashville (and That’s OK)

It’s no mystery that for the volunteer organizations who use VolunteerMatch to succeed, they need volunteers.  It’s a match, after all, and that means this is a marketplace of both supply and demand.

On the supply side, nonprofits are creating and posting hundreds of new opportunities each day. Without those, no one would come to the market. On the demand side, thousands of prospective volunteers visit and our partner network, searching for available opportunities to make a difference.

The good news, right now, is that we’re seeing the highest level of volunteer traffic to our network in more than 18 months. Take a look at the numbers:

With the exception of Nashville, search traffic to VolunteerMatch in all the major US cities is way up over last year. Nashville had a devastating flood last year, which skews any comparison to 2010.

It’s a great time to post a volunteer opportunity at VolunteerMatch!