2010 Video Annual Report: A “Moving Way” to Say Thank You for Being Part of Our Community

Our first ever video annual report is now available, and on behalf of everyone at VolunteerMatch, you’re invited to take a few moments to learn about our work in 2010.

With the generous support and participation of so many, VolunteerMatch has been putting the power of technology to good use since 1998. But our story, of course, is about much more than technology — it is about people and relationships. With this year’s annual report, we wanted to find a “moving” way to tell that part of our story. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the passion and partnerships that have made VolunteerMatch one of the web’s most influential nonprofit social enterprises.

Last year was difficult for many folks. Despite the hardships, the spirit of generosity – and the innovative nature of our service — endured. In 2010, our growing community of users contributed over a half billion dollars worth of volunteer service, while continuing to support a financial model that for the first time in our history covered 100% of our annual expenses.

(Or to put it another way, millions of individuals were introduced to causes and organizations they care about through VolunteerMatch, and we’re proud to have helped hundreds of companies, schools and municipalities across the nation become leaders in community involvement and social responsibility.)

But enough of my words. Check out the video and you’ll hear directly from my teammates Kevin, Dee, Jennifer, Vicky, Shari, Megan, Greg and Jeff about the folks we help, the change we’re trying to make, and the relationships we’re part of. We are very proud of the work we do and the people we serve. Together we are making a difference.

You can watch our 2010 Video Annual Report, “Building Relationships,” here.

What do you think? Did we help you in 2010? Is video a good medium for our message? Let us know!