Johnson & Johnson Helps Your Good Work Grow With “&you”

It’s easier than ever to engage your audiences in volunteering, job opportunities, fundraising, events, and news related to your cause, thanks to a unique new tool called “&you.”

VolunteerMatch has been working closely with Johnson & Johnson and four other leading philanthropic resources to introduce &you, a new digital tool for social good.

&you takes volunteer and job opportunities, ways to donate, events and news, and brings them together in one place, in a shareable widget. For nonprofit organizations, that means &you can amplify your outreach to volunteers, donors and other supporters.

Just visit, and take a few minutes to customize your widget. Along with volunteer opportunities from VolunteerMatch, your &you widget can include your donations link from Network for Good, your job listings from, and cause news from – all tied together with background about your organization courtesy of

Five leading engagement services, all updated in real-time. In fact, this is the first time that so many leading engagement services for nonprofits have been tied together in one easy to use tool. That’s a great reason to take a moment now to update your accounts at our services, if you have one. And if you don’t currently have a VolunteerMatch, now’s a great time to get started so you can take full advantage of &you (not to mention all the other ways VolunteerMatch distributes your listings).

So what can you do with &you? Lots, it turns out. Your widget can go on your site, your blog, and your Facebook pages, making it easy for your friends and followers to join in. Got a Ning site? Stick it in. Anywhere HTML can go, &you can go.

You can also encourage your most active supporters to create their own &you widget dedicated to your cause. That’s because &you isn’t just for organizations – it also helps individuals do more for the causes they care about. As their widgets are shareable as well, that means even greater outreach for your organization! also features stories of organizations doing great work and of successful and innovative uses of the &you widget. Following the service at or on Twitter at @andyou are good ways for you to get more involved in telling your story on the new platform.

Are you planning to try &you?

Do you see any places where it makes sense to post a widget tying your engagement services together? Share your thoughts right here.