ItStartsWith.Us Helps VolunteerMatch Drop Some Love on Nonprofits

ItStartsWith.UsThat’s right, nonprofit staffmembers, prepare for some major love. This week we partnered with ItStartsWith.Us to get thousands of people to show their appreciation for the work that nonprofits do to improve the world.

ItStartsWith.Us is a global community of individuals focused on making a positive impact in the lives of the people around them. It’s comprised of thousands of people who join together each and every week to make a difference in this world, motivated and led by their do-good pied piper, Nate St. Pierre.

Each week the community receives a 15-minute mission that inspires them to do good in different ways. This week’s mission says:

“During the next week, take 15 minutes to show someone who works at a nonprofit that you appreciate their work… Take this opportunity to make a special connection with someone who works at a nonprofit. Who knows – you might end up inspiring them as much as they inspire all of us.”

Click here to learn more about ItStartsWith.Us, and check out Nate’s newest project, Love Drop.