Seriously, This is How To Set Up A Microvolunteer Opportunity

With microvolunteering commanding ever more time in our volunteer recruitment daydreams, there still aren’t that many places to go to learn how to be strategic with our micro needs. While the team at have a terrific blog about their service, it’s still for the most part focused on how to use their platform — which limits opportunities to those that are digital in nature and able to be completed on the Sparked platform.

Luckily, over in the UK, Help From Home’s Mike Bright has just published the most comprehensive guide to microvolunteering that we’ve seen.  With 40 chock-filled pages, the free PDF can help your nonprofit think through your needs, translate them into microvolunteering opportunities, and identify the right promotional and collaborative resources to accomplish your goals.

To give you an idea of how meaty this resource is, here’s the table of contents:

  • Introduction to Microvolunteering
    • What Is A Microvolunteering Action?
    • Microvolunteering Action Types
    • So Why Should You Set One Up?
    • Where’s The Evidence That People Participate in Such Actions?
    • Why Should Volunteers Participate in Microvolunteering Actions?
  • How To Set Up A Microvolunteering Project
    • What Attracts People To A Microvolunteer Action?
    • Where Does A Nonprofit Start?
    • So, What’s Next?
    • Useful Websites
  • Microvolunteering Smartphone Apps
    • To Build An App or Not?
    • App Development Suggested Stages
  • Promotion / Marketing
  • How Other Initiatives Developed Their Microvolunteering Projects
  • Examples of Other Initiatives Microvolunteering Ideas
  • Idea Portal Websites
  • Pro Bono Support Websites
  • Social Collaboration Websites

You can download the PDF here.

“How To Set Up A Microvolunteering Project” is a good read for any volunteer coordinator who is interested in transforming her organization’s work from the inside out.