Why Nonprofits and Corporations Alike Should Declare an End to Fundraising

Free webinar from VolunteerMatch: The End of FundraisingThe world is changing, and nonprofits must change along with it. Specifically, nowadays just doing good isn’t good enough – at least not for next generation donors, foundations, and government agencies. They want to see measurable results and tangible proof of impact.

Believe it or not, this is actually a wonderful opportunity for nonprofits to evolve your fundraising strategies. To help you tackle this project, VolunteerMatch is hosting a special edition of our Best Practice Webinars that we hold each month for our corporate partners. This time, we’re bringing nonprofits and corporations together to learn about effective fundraising.

On April 7th, join us for “The End of Fundraising: Market Your Results, Sell Your Impact,” with Jason Saul of Mission Measurement LLC. Jason is one of the nation’s leading experts on measuring social impact, and has advised some of the world’s largest corporations, government agencies and nonprofits to measure and improve their social impact.

This new world impacts both nonprofits and corporate partners, and this webinar will bring you together with corporate employees to help illuminate how nonprofits and corporations can effectively work together in the new fundraising landscape. It will provide nonprofit managers like you with action steps for your fundraising initiatives and give corporate engagement professionals insight into the nonprofit fundraising sector.

Is your organization really making a difference? Can you measure your impact and clearly communicate your value to donors? Join us for this special webinar to learn how to market your results and sell your impact to supporters.

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