Don’t Forget to Nourish the Good and Show Your Volunteers Some Love

Thank your volunteers using Nourish the GoodHas it really been three weeks already? For 21 days now, you’ve been able to recognize your volunteers by offering them coupons for $3 off Newman’s Own products.

Are your volunteers eating hearty pizza and dressing their salads? If not, you should take advantage of this simple, delicious way to say thank you and to encourage greater involvement with your organization. Newman’s Own wants to nourish not just your bodies, but the good work you and your volunteers do every day.

For your volunteers, all they have to do is head to the Nourish the Good website at VolunteerMatch and sign up to volunteer. They’ll be sent a link to their coupon.

For you, it’s as easy as including a blurb in your next email to your volunteers. You can even encourage them to spread the word to their friends and recruit more supporters! Check out the blurb below that you can edit and use:

“To our wonderful volunteers: We couldn’t do it without you! Newman’s Own & VolunteerMatch have provided $3 coupons to any Newman’s Own product – sign up to volunteer and tell your friends!

Let your volunteers know about Nourish the Good by sending them to this website and posting messages on Facebook, Twitter, and on your website.