Newman’s Own Wants to Nourish Your Volunteers

Today marks the launch of a new partnership between VolunteerMatch and Newman’s Own®, called ‘Nourish the Good.’ The healthy food company founded by Paul Newman, best known for its salad dressings, pasta sauces, and donating all profits to charity, is not only branching out into exciting realms like pizza and popcorn, but is also expanding its support of volunteering and nonprofits through ‘Nourish the Good’ – and providing a great way for you to recognize your volunteers.

The new partnership was created to champion volunteerism in 2011, and will run through the end of the year. VolunteerMatch users who register for your volunteer projects at will receive a coupon for three dollars off any Newman’s Own product.

With ‘Nourish the Good,’ Newman’s Own aims to support the vibrant community of nonprofits and volunteers using VolunteerMatch to make a difference. “Newman’s Own deeply appreciates the value of volunteers and recognizes the impact of those who contribute their time and talent to local community organizations,” explained Mike Havard, spokesperson for Newman’s Own, Inc.

And since Newman’s Own and VolunteerMatch are encouraging volunteers to pass along the coupon and invite friends and social networks to join them, we’re hoping ‘Nourish the Good’ will help volunteering go viral.

Reward Your Volunteers

For nonprofits, this is a great opportunity for you to show your appreciation for your volunteers. Make sure they know about this offer, and urge them to pass it along to their friends. By making the most of Newman’s Own’s generosity, not only will you revitalize your volunteers’ excitement for and commitment to working with you, but you may pick up a few of their friends as potential new supporters.

As a thank you for all the great work YOU do, we’ve written a little blurb you can send to your volunteers, wherever they are. You can use this on Twitter, Facebook, in emails, or on your website:

“With help from VolunteerMatch & Newman’s Own, we want to say thanks to all our great volunteers with this coupon!

Show your appreciation for your volunteers and recognition for all their good work – let them know about the ‘Nourish the Good‘ campaign.

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