What Can You Do on a Tuesday Night?

Changing the World on a Tuesday Night“Maybe together we can start a revolution.”

This challenge welcomes you to Tammi DeVille’s new website, announcing her book “Changing the World on a Tuesday Night.” The book is written “to celebrate and inspire volunteers,” and no one does this more than Tammi herself. In between a full-time job and multiple ongoing volunteer commitments, Tammi managed to find time to research and write this wonderful book.

In both her professional and volunteering lives Tammi can easily be described as a “Jackie-of-all-trades,” the type of person that just gets things done in areas as diverse as product development, sales management, mentoring, diversity training, and even passing out water and protein bars to runners.

Back in 2008 she noticed that while everyone she spoke to about her volunteer commitments expressed interest, they hesitated to make similar commitments themselves. She realized it wasn’t a lack of desire to make a difference – quite the contrary. There are so many people out there that want to help, they just don’t know where, when, or how they can fit it into their lives.

Tammi decided to use her expertise at “getting things done,” and spent the next two and a half years hunting down interesting volunteers with interesting projects. And after all her hard work, she has given us “Changing the World on a Tuesday Night,” a book that proves without a doubt that just a few hours can make a difference in the world and in your own life.

Tammi frequently contributes stories to VolunteerMatch of volunteers she’s met over the course of her research for the book, like this one, and this one. And we can see her website acting as a hub for those who want to make a difference, no matter how much time or resources you can devote.

As a volunteer manager, “Changing the World on a Tuesday” night is a great tool. You can use the book to inspire yourself in your work and to inspire your volunteers in theirs. Use it to celebrate your volunteers by reminding them of the incredible impact they’re making. And learn from the stories contained in it to help you recruit more volunteers to your cause.

Our warm congratulations to Tammi on this impressive achievement! We urge you all to visit the website and check out the book, “Changing the World on a Tuesday Night.”

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