Meet #VolunTweet, a New Way to Find Volunteer Opportunities on Social Media

#VolunTweetWe’d like to introduce you to #VolunTweet, a new project by VolunteerMatch to enrich the discussion of volunteer opportunities on social media sites like Twitter.

What is #VolunTweet?

#VolunTweet is a new way to promote great volunteer opportunities on social media channels like Twitter.  Wherever people see the hashtag, they’ll discover a way to make a difference.


How can nonprofits participate?

You can use #VolunTweet to spread the word about your volunteer opportunities, too!  It’s simple:

  1. Type a short, fun description of your volunteer opportunity into Twitter.
  2. Include a link to your VolunteerMatch listing or to your website.
  3. Add the #VolunTweet hashtag to the end of your tweet, and submit.

Why are #VolunTweets important?

At VolunteerMatch we  want to harness the power of social media to tell people about all of the great volunteer opportunities out there.  It’s just one more way to connect good people with good causes.

Right now  #VolunTweets are national – they feature virtual volunteer opportunities to enable anyone on Twitter to get  involved no matter where they are.   As more people start using the hashtag, we’ll be seeing #VolunTweets from all over the world.

For more info…

For more information check out the #VolunTweet page and follow the #VolunTweet conversation on Twitter to learn about great volunteer opportunities.

Happy #VolunTweeting!