How to Make the Dream a Reality on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service“We must use time creatively.”
~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s certainly not his most famous quote.  But as nonprofit professionals who depend on volunteers to accomplish our missions, it’s perhaps the richest and most important piece of advice that Dr. King left us.

This year Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service is on January 17, 2011, and in the spirit of using time creatively, it’s never too early to start planning how your organization will honor his legacy.

Part of United We Serve, the President’s national call to service initiative, MLK Day of Service is focused on strengthening communities, creating solutions to social problems, and bringing people together.  These are all cornerstones of what we strive for in the VolunteerMatch community, as well.

For nonprofits, MLK Day of Service is an opportunity to bring in new volunteers, partners and funders that can provide resources to support your organization’s work throughout the year.  Here are some resources to help you plan a successful MLK Day 2011:

Use these resources – and your time – creatively to make the most of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service 2011.