Volontärbyrån: A Sister Service Site in Sweden

Over the past month, we’ve discovered that there’s much more to Sweden than meatballs and Ikea furniture.  We’ve been lucky enough here at VolunteerMatch to have Amelie Silfverstolpe, the founder of Volontärbyrån, in our office to exchange ideas and best practices in the volunteering world. Translating to the “Volunteer Bureau,” Volontärbyrån is a great online resource that makes it easier for nonprofits and volunteers in Sweden to find each other.

Here are some highlights from our talk:

  • Nonprofits in the U.S. are run by a majority of paid employees, whereas in Sweden most nonprofits are run by volunteers who also have full-time jobs.
  • Despite the fact that Sweden is a welfare state, the volunteer rate in Sweden is higher than in the U.S.
  • The biggest challenge Volontärbyrån has faced is helping nonprofits adequately express their needs online (this has been a big challenge for VolunteerMatch, too, and a driving force behind our webinar “Best Practices for Recruiting Online.”)

We’re excited to meet experts like Amelie from around the world who can teach us all about volunteering in other countries. Click here to check out Volontärbyrån’s website (you can use Google Translate if you don’t speak Swedish), and stay tuned for more great stuff from Amelie.