Veterans Day Discovery: The Mission Continues

The Mission ContinuesAs nonprofit professionals, we can sometimes get lost in the craziness of our own worlds.  Every once in a while it’s nice to take a step back and take a look at what other nonprofits are up to.

I found The Mission Continues as I was browsing VolunteerMatch looking for Veterans Day volunteer opportunities.  The work they’re doing is so exciting, I had to share it here with all of you.  Why not take some time off from your normal do-good activities and focus on veterans?  Here is The Mission Continues’  message:

The Mission Continues, a national nonprofit organization headquartered in St. Louis, challenges veterans of all eras and civilians of all ages to serve their country by serving their communities.  Service projects provide a place for veterans to be citizen leaders and for all civilians to live the beliefs of veterans while serving by their sides.

Photos from The Mission Continues Flickr photostream.

For the past two months, The Mission Continues has been unifying the country through a service campaign to honor our veterans and our fallen soldiers.  This Veterans Day, The Mission Continues is bringing together veterans, active duty service members, military families, and supporters to serve.

If you’re a veteran, we invite you to call on your strengths and leadership skills, and to consider further serving your community.  If you have never served in the military, this is your chance to step forward by joining our veterans to say thank you by serving your community alongside them.

The Mission Continues believes the best way to honor those who have served and continue to serve is to live their beliefs, and serve as they have.  Whether you have devoted your life to service, volunteered occasionally, or have yet to lend a hand in your community, you can make a difference.

Tomorrow, join The Mission Continues for one of 22 projects in 16 cities around the country.  Whether you want to landscape and refurbish classrooms in Philadelphia, prepare and serve meals for a Veterans Day breakfast in Los Angeles or paint murals and make fall crafts with school children in Jersey City, you can make a difference!

Find a service project near you.

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