Launch of Ignites Microvolunteering

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, 73% of Americans don’t volunteer.  For many people, they simply don’t have enough time in their jam-packed lives to give a day, or even a few hours.

A newly launched network aims to solve this issue, while simultaneously challenging the status quo of volunteer engagement by helping nonprofits tap into the potential of crowd-sourced skilled volunteering. It’s a tall order, but if anyone can do it, The Extraordinaries can.

Use Sparked to get work done for free

The Extraordinaries is a for-profit social enterprise that’s made a big splash in the volunteering world in the two years it’s been around. They’ve created Sparked, the world’s first microvolunteering network, to make it easier for nonprofits around the world to leverage the professional skills of industry experts – for free.

Using the power of the internet, volunteers can work independently or even in remote groups to help nonprofits with diverse tasks like designing logos, reviewing job descriptions, brainstorming new product ideas, giving feedback on new website designs, developing media relations strategies, and a whole lot more.

Would Sparked benefit your organization? It’s definitely easy and it doesn’t cost anything. “Sparked dramatically reduces management for the nonprofit,” says Jacob Colker, CEO and Co-Founder of The Extraordinaries. “It makes it easy to post projects and get work done without the steps of applications, vetting, and training – freeing up time for the nonprofit to focus on other things.”

The Sparked network is a great place for creative design, marketing, strategy and media relations-type work. You can post discrete volunteer tasks that can be done remotely and require no resources the volunteer doesn’t already have.

If your nonprofit has needs in these areas, Sparked can help you fill them without stretching your budget, your staff, or your sanity. Here at VolunteerMatch we’re glad that more exposure is being given to these volunteer opportunities, many of which are also listed on the VolunteerMatch website. We’re looking forward to helping Sparked succeed.

Click here to learn more about Sparked, sign up, and post your microvolunteer opportunies.