Hundreds of Creative Experts to Help You: Discovery Communications’ New Pro Bono Event

Discovery Impact Creating ChangeYou’re probably familiar with the educational work of Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, TLC, and Treehugger. What you probably don’t know is that the company behind these award-winning brands, Discovery Communications, held its first ever global day of service last year with a 75% participation rate. Pretty impressive.

This year Discovery Communications is launching another event to help local nonprofits in the Greater DC area benefit from the skills and energy of its employees. Discovery Impact: Creating Change is described as a “pro bono marathon,” and will feature hundreds of the company’s creative professionals working over a period of 12 hours to fulfill design, marketing, and communication needs.

If your nonprofit is interested in being a part of the Creating Change event, you can submit an application outlining your creative needs. The deadline to apply is October 22nd, so don’t put this on the back burner! It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of pro bono skilled volunteers and benefit from the expertise of an award-winning creative company.

While Discovery Impact Creating Change is for nonprofits located in or with representatives in the greater DC area, the company plans for this event to become a launching pad for future skilled volunteer initiatives.

Apply for Discovery Impact: Creating Change before October 22nd!

For more information about Discovery Impact: Creating Change, and to learn how companies set up pro bono volunteer programs, read a Q&A with Discovery Communications on the Volunteering is CSR blog.