Here’s Looking at You, Nonprofits: 5 Million Referrals That Redefined Volunteering

Earlier this week the VolunteerMatch network reached an exciting milestone: the 5,000,000th volunteer was referred via the website to a nonprofit that needed help.  It’s the vibrancy of the nonprofits that has enabled this community to take off the way it has, so everybody give yourselves a big pat on the back – or maybe get your volunteers to do it.

People have clicked on the yellow “I Want to Help!” buttons a whopping 5,000,000 times, but what is a volunteer referral, really?  Let’s take a closer look:

A volunteer referral is a connection – between a volunteer and a nonprofit that needs their help.  It’s a connection between a volunteer and the difference that they want to make in the world.

A volunteer referral is an opportunity for nonprofits to do more, and an opportunity for volunteers to be more.  An opportunity for them to come together and accomplish what we can only imagine right now.

A volunteer referral is an intention to act, declared by a volunteer. It’s a nonprofit’s intention that with the volunteer’s help, they will make the world’s problems just a bit better.

Since 1998 we’ve built a network together, reinforced by the connections, the opportunities, and the intentions embodied in every volunteer referral.  This network is gaining strength every day. (Click here to read more about the history of VolunteerMatch). This growing strength is evidence of the expanding reach of the volunteering network.  Your power is taking over, and volunteering is going viral.

Your nonprofit becomes a part of this ongoing revolution every time you post your volunteer opportunities on VolunteerMatch.  As 5,000,000 referrals prove, there are plenty of people out there who want to get involved in volunteering.  Make sure they know that your nonprofit, and your work, is an option for them.

Together we’ve connected 5,000,000 volunteers with the nonprofits that need their help.  Imagine what the world will look like when we reach 10,000,000.

(Photo courtesy of 1horsetown)