‘Getting Attention’ for Your Nonprofit is Easy – Learn How by Voting in the 2010 ‘Taggies’

Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline AwardsBack in July, we posted about the Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards.  Created by Nancy Schwartz of the Getting Attention blog, the Awards are in their third year.  The ‘Taggies’ are a great way to showcase the uniqueness of your volunteer program.  The Awards also highlight something that many nonprofits haven’t realized yet: Taglines are something we just can’t overlook.

Snappy, engaging messaging sticks in the minds of your audience.  For volunteer programs, this helps you connect with new volunteers and retain your current great ones.  This year, the Taggies also encompass program taglines (like volunteer programs), special event taglines, fundraising taglines, as well as organizational taglines.  This greatly increases the ability of nonprofits to participate and show off their messaging brilliance.

Since July, 70 finalists have been chosen from over 2,700 entries that were submitted by nonprofits.  Congratulations if your organization is a finalist!

Now it’s our turn – we get to decide which taglines are the best in each category. By voting, you’ll be lending your voice to a fun project that benefits nonprofits in all fields.  But that’s not all.  By reading through the entries, you’ll take advantage of this rare opportunity to build your messaging skills and learn what types of taglines work, and what don’t.  every nonprofit deals with volunteer programs, special events, or fundraising, and we can all relate to the need to connect with constituents in at least one of these key areas.

Voting takes approximately 8 minutes (we tried it and it’s true!), and will end midnight on October 6th.  The winners will be announced in October.

So browse through the finalists and vote now at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/vote-tagline-awards

Is your organization a finalist?  Post a comment below and let us know!