Sharing and Building: A Volunteer’s Perspective of Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp

This Friday we’re lucky enough to have one of VolunteerMatch’s most dedicated and talented volunteers sharing her impressions of Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp in Berkeley, Calif.  Joni joined us in presenting VolunteerMatch services and resources to the conference community. Thanks, Joni! We’re fortunate to have you as part of the team!

Guest post by Joni Sugimura

Remember when we were growing up and were told by our parents to share and be kind to others?  That’s all that I found myself thinking about when I attended The Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp a few weeks ago.

The entire event is focused on empowering individuals to build stronger communities by using effective resources.  Attending a Boot Camp definitely shows you the vast array of resources available to you and your nonprofit.  But it also lets you know that building a community is all about sharing your knowledge and learning from other like-minded people.

As I attended sessions and listened to those presenting as well as those commenting and asking questions, it became apparent to me that this was time well spent for everyone attending, including myself. Everyone’s experience is unique and can be of benefit to others.  The Craigslist Foundation enables these individual experiences to build a sense of community by the simple act of sharing, which hopefully leads to more collaboration across various social networks.

Building and empowering community is all about telling your story in a compelling fashion to attract others to become engaged in your mission, volunteering their skills and talents and using social networks to spread your message.

How do you share your story with others and reach out to other social networks to build your community?