Are Your Volunteers the Best They Can Be? Take an AL!VE Webinar and Find Out

How do you set goals to get the most out of your volunteers?  How do you measure their success?  The first installment in a new webinar series by AL!VE will answer these questions.

AL!VE is a national membership organization of top leaders and professionals in the world of volunteer engagement.  They work to provide resources and advocacy in the area of community engagement, to make networking and collaboration opportunities available, and to enhance and sustain the spirit of volunteering in America.

AL!VE has developed a special Webinar Training Series to educate volunteer engagement professionals on how to build and strengthen their leadership, management, and technical skills.  The first webinar in the series kicks off on Tuesday, August 24th, and is titled “Leading Volunteers and Measuring Their Impact.” The webinar will focus on defining achievable outcomes for volunteers and measuring the degree to which those outcomes are attained.

The webinar will be presented by Rick Lynch, a Seattle-based management consultant who specializes in issues facing nonprofit organizations.  Rick is a trainer, author, and coach who has run volunteer management workshops all over the world.  His many books include the bestseller in its field in the US, China, and the Ukraine: “Lead!: How Public and Nonprofit Managers Can Bring Out the Best in Themselves and Their Organizations.”

Trainings like those being offered by AL!VE and VolunteerMatch teach you how to make your own jobs easier, get better results from your volunteers, and create more satisfaction for your volunteers that will keep them involved.

AL!VE Webinar: Leading Volunteers and Measuring Their Impact
Speaker: Rick Lynch, Lynch Associate
Date: Tuesday August 24th 2-3pm (ET)
Cost: $40 (50% discount for AL!VE Members = $20)
Register for AL!VE’s webinar here.