Bookmarks: Share Your Volunteer Management Resources at IdeaEncore

For the last few years, I’ve noticed that many of our best resources on volunteer coordination, recruiting and volunteer trends just aren’t getting out as much as they should.

Years after the original marketing push to promote and distribute them, now our older research reports, how-to videos, and best practices guides are just sitting around like lumps on the couch. Loved, yes, but not exactly as fresh as they used to be.

Second Time Around

I’m hoping this will change. Recently I posted a bunch of VolunteerMatch’s older, best resources for the wider nonprofit community to discover at a new Web service from IdeaEncore Network.

You can see the link to our materials here.

IdeaEncore helps nonprofits share their documents with other nonprofits in a safe and easy-to-use environment. The idea is that there may be other organizations — heck, maybe even an entire sector — that can benefit from our materials if they only knew about it.

At IdeaEncore, nonprofits can post and “tag” Powerpoints, PDFs, Word docs, videos and other forms of documentation, and then IdeaEncore makes it easy for Web site visitors to search and find those documents.

You can also choose which licensing model to release your documents under, and your organization can even elect to collect fees for each download.

License Choices and Even Earned Income Options

IdeaEncore founders Scott Bechler-Levin and Florence Green presented to us a few months back and I agreed then that distributing our nonprofit-serving documents more widely made a lot of sense. But I was a little worried people might find our documents and just grab then and go — and maybe even repackage our stuff and sell it. (It’s ironic that this was a concern… we offer them all for free at!)

So for VolunteerMatch, I chose the Creative Commons option “Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives,” which is the most restrictive and protective of our rights. I way want to lessen restriction on some of these moving forward — but for now we are cautiously sharing – and this gives me a canopy to work under.

You can also see other materials that have been tagged with “volunteer” here.

Got Some Materials You’d Like to Share?

I hope you will take 15 minutes a month to “share it forward,” too.  Whether you use IdeaEncore or some other sharing platform, it may be that between all of us, we have all of the insight, research, and best practices we’ll ever need.