What Will Be The Key Findings in Next Week’s Volunteering In America 2010 Report?

On June 15, the Corporation for National and Community Service will release its report on the latest national volunteering trends. The survey, based on 2009 data from the US Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics, is the largest review of volunteering participation rates in the nation.

Once again, CNCS will be making all its data available on its interactive Web site, www.volunteeringinamerica.gov. Among the features of the site, visitors will be able to answer:

  • What are the volunteer trends for my city and state?
  • What factors influence my city or state’s volunteer rate?
  • Which cities do well at recruiting and retaining volunteers?
  • How has the economy impacted volunteering in America?

This will likely be the second year in the a row that the economy and the recession are the major backdrops to the community involvement landscape.
Last year was a very tough year for many of us, but mixed in with all the discussion about recession was a strong vein of hope and faith — that within our collective will to get involved, communities ALREADY have the tools they need to solve their problems. So I’m excited to see what the report shows.

What about you? What do you think the report will show? Have you seen volunteering increase where you are? Or is all the talk about volunteering just that – talk? Share your guesses here.

(Photo: A volunteer reads to children at the Williamson County Library.)