Bookmarks: Puts an End to Online Donation Transaction Fees

Guest post by Lisa Brawer

Individual contributions, when combined effectively, can have a massive impact on the lives of others. That’s the mantra at Razoo, as well as the meaning behind the company’s unconventional name.

Founded in 2006 by a group of social innovators, this online giving marketplace allows nonprofits, donors, and fundraisers to engage with each other and combine their efforts to make a difference in the world. Sound like many other sites? Perhaps. Razoo definitely provides online tools that encourage giving, and make it easy to do. But here’ s what’s different: For what may be the first time ever, Razoo allows 100% of each donation to go directly where it was intended — to supporting the cause.

Transaction Fee-Free Zone

Social networks for social good are popping up all over the Web. But what makes Razoo so groundbreaking is that it provides a user-friendly platform for giving, without the 5-10% transaction fees that are standard in the world of philanthropic Web sites. While Razoo’s processing partner Network for Good still charges a fee for its trusted donation processing, Razoo actually matches that amount through grants subsidized by philanthropic partners — meaning that the full value of each contribution winds up in the hands of your organization.

Supporters of nonprofits can create events or fundraisers, and access practical advice on how to make the most of their experience on Razoo. The site makes it easy and efficient for nonprofits to tell their stories and engage a community of supporters. Razoo empowers donors to understand, manage, and embrace the impact of their own contributions. They can connect with their cause by creating events, fundraisers, and online groups of people sharing their interest.

Razoo in Action

The site recently raised $264,764 through its annual March Goodness tournament, where a select group of 96 nonprofits competed for a $10,000 grant through fundraising based on the Razoo network. The fact that this event alone engaged 5,962 unique donors proves that Razoo is a true success story. And any registered US nonprofit can share in that success.

On Razoo, anyone can be a philanthropist. All registered U.S. nonprofits are accessible through the site, which is connected to GuideStar, a sector-trusted source of information on nonprofits. Donors can find and research over 1.6 million nonprofit organizations, donate online with no transaction fees, stay informed about the world of giving and activism, and manage their charitable portfolios online. Nonprofits and their supporters also enjoy the benefits of easy-to-use fundraising pages, social media tools, and free donation processing.

Razoo stays true to the meaning behind their name. Individual contributions, when combined effectively, are having a massive impact on the lives of others.

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Lisa Brawer is a Los Angeles-based writer who cares about animals, ending poverty, and promoting peace and equality. She says her dream job “would involve doing something positive every day.”

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