Happy National Volunteer Week

Midway through National Volunteer Week, traffic is way up in the VolunteerMatch network as tens of thousands of new visitors arrive looking for ways to give back this week and over the coming year.

Checking some numbers this morning I saw that Monday, April 19, we received 42,000 visitors, over 32% more average. Hopefully all this good intention will translate into new relationships at your organization.

That said, now is a great time to drop a thanks bomb here on the blog! Here’s a big shout out from everyone at VolunteerMatch to you, dear reader, for everything you do to inspire and engage volunteers at your organization. You couldn’t do your work without them, they couldn’t do theirs without you, and we can’t do ours without both of you!

Wait, what’s that you say? You haven’t updated your account in, like, six months? Lucky for you it’s National Volunteer Week. There’s still time to get started.