Help Your Volunteers Be Great

Want to help your volunteers and volunteer prospects succeed in their new roles, but think you need help driving the point home? “How To Be A Great Volunteer” is a free web training from VolunteerMatch that can help your supporters get onto the path of growing and thriving in their new roles with your organization.

Hosted by two experienced nonprofit volunteer managers from the VolunteerMatch team, this training has been designed to impact those volunteers who are new to volunteering, wondering how to get more out of their volunteering experience, or having a hard time finding the right place to volunteer.

Among other things, “How to Be a Great Volunteer” walks participants through some of the training and screening tools nonprofits use, and helps volunteers be prepared to answer the kinds of questions nonprofits often ask in order evaluate that ever so elusive idea of “fit.”

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VolunteerMatch Webinar: How To Be A Great Volunteer
Thursday, 4/15, 2010
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PT
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(Photo: Making Beads, Dave Bezaire/Habitat for Humanity)