Boomer Webinar Recap: Creating Positions, Networking, and Cultivation

jff_graphicOn Wednesday, March 24, VolunteerMatch hosted a webinar on Boomer Volunteer Engagement presented by JFFixler & Associates. This was part three in a series of web trainings about engaging older adults, and expanded on the topic by specifically addressing Boomer-friendly positions, effective position descriptions, and tips for marketing those positions within the Boomer community.

Senior Strategist Beth Steinhorn and Consultant Sandie Eichberg  focused on how organizational leaders can more effectively engage Boomer volunteers and the generations that follow by effectively creating positions, networking, and cultivation.

Some of the best strategies to successfully engage Boomers and the generations that follow in high-impact volunteer roles include:

  • Create high-impact positions that align with the organization’s strategic priorities.
  • Develop outcome-focused position descriptions to attract results-oriented individuals.
  • Many existing volunteer roles can be restructured to be more attractive to new, potential volunteers needing flexible schedules.
  • Cultivate new volunteers from within your existing circles of influence – including volunteers, clients, donors, and all of their family and friends.
  • Leverage online social networking sites to extend the “personal ask” and cultivate volunteers more effectively.

The next presentation of this webinar takes place on Wednesday, July 28, at 12PM PT. Click here to register for the free event.

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