Tech Trends: Nonprofit Technology Conference, April 8-10 in Atlanta

ntc_graphicWhen it comes to nonprofit haves and have-nots, one thing that has become apparent over the last decade is that technology is increasingly as critical as big budgets.

That is, by putting great tools to work in communications, fundraising, advocacy and program delivery, even many small organizations have been able to make a difference. That’s a big difference from generations past, when large and well-known nonprofits led the social change movement.

At the core of this shift has been all the help that nonprofits are getting to learn how to put smart tech to work toward their missions – and much of that help comes alive each year at the Nonprofit Technology Conference.

This year’s NTC kicks off April 8-10 in Atlanta. Not only will hundreds of experts be on hand to help nonprofits learn to use good tools for good purposes, many of the trends that will shape the independent sector’s next decade will be on display, too. From how to manage online communities, to using Facebook and Twitter to spread the word, to picking the right membership database, you’ll either find answers at NTC or learn you were asking the wrong questions.

(Volunteering coordination is not a separate track at NTC, but these are the sessions that have “volunteer” in their description.)

You’ll also learn that you’re not alone. NTEN, the hosts of the conference, puts a lot of work into making sure nonprofit folks have ample opportunity to connect and grow socially, too. From cocktail events to slumber parties, this is an event that is first and foremost about people.

What if you can’t make it? You can live stream many of the most important events from this page. NTEN has also set up three off-site events in Washington, DC, Austin, and New York City. And you can follow the chatter via Facebook, Twitter, and other feeds.

Afterward, you’ll be able to peruse materials from the conference, and you already download presentations from last year’s event.

Have you been to the conference? Planning to go this year. Share your thoughts with others in the VolunteerMatch community.