New Partnership: TakePart, American Express and Volunteering

Members Project from American Express
Members Project from American Express

If you watched the Oscars this year, you may have noticed something else besides the glitz and glamor – a big focus on giving back!

During the ceremonies, two commercials aired about a program that VolunteerMatch is involved in called Members Project, from American Express® and TakePart. This program encourages everyone, whether an American Express Cardmember or not, to do their part by providing numerous ways to get involved, including sharing their passion for worthy causes.

Whether it’s volunteering for a local organization, making a donation, or voting for a charity to receive additional funding from American Express, Members Project will provide the tools and resources to support the diverse causes people care about most and help empower everyone to be successful at making a difference.

Much of this activity will take place on a new Web page for Members Project at Through our API, you can search a fresh feed of volunteer opportunities from VolunteerMatch, and over time, our cause marketing tools will allow American Express and TakePart to track the impact that participants are making in communities across the country.

We’re proud to help TakePart, American Express and its members make a difference with local nonprofits.

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