Updated Opportunity Listing Form Can Help Your Organization Recruit More Skilled Volunteers

newformIf you’ve added or edited a volunteer opportunity on VolunteerMatch in the past few days, you’ve likely seen some changes to the opportunity listing form.

The Required Skills field has now been divided into two sections: a Skills Title and Description field, and a Requirements field. This gives you the opportunity to highlight up to three distinct skills, and let prospective volunteers know about any additional requirements for participating.

For example, a Skill Title might be “Accounting” and the Skill Description could be “A working knowledge of bookkeeping and QuickBooks.” In the Requirements field, you can put information on anything additional such as required orientations or background checks, and qualities that aren’t technically skills, such as “great with kids” or “enjoys giving back.”

We’ve also added a Keywords field, which allows you to associate other words with your listings to make them easier to find. And, if you have volunteer projects that would be great for groups, you can now specify what size group your opportunities can accommodate.

Why the changes?

We made these changes to make it easier for organizations to find volunteers with certain expertise and experience, and they are the first of several steps we’re taking to help volunteers find opportunities that utilize specific skills.

Over the last year, we’ve been keeping an eye on the type of information that organizations were including in the Required Skills field. Some were using it to identify the skills needed in volunteers, such as “graphic design”, while others were including prerequisites such as “must complete background check” and other information.

The changes now let your organization highlight both skills and additional requirements, and help volunteers better understand what opportunities are right for them.

We also know that the popularity of volunteer opportunities for groups is on the rise, and that there’s a big difference between accommodating a group of five friends and successfully engaging 25 employees. We hope the new group size menu will help you better find the volunteers you need.

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