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Ward, a blogger bringing technology to the nonprofit masses.
Ward, a blogger bringing technology to the nonprofit masses since 2007.

The words “technology” and “nonprofit” didn’t always have such a good relationship.

While tech’s relationship with other business sectors blossomed and grew, it seemed to leave nonprofits in the dust, struggling with outdated practices and ineffective communication strategies.

However, resources like VolunteerMatch, TechSoup, and Npower have made it easier for nonprofits to utilize online resources, and now blogs are making it more accessible than ever for nonprofits to become as tech-savvy as the for-profit division.

A great example is Amy Sample Ward’s Version of NPTech. Ward, who has worked in private philanthropy, advocacy for nonprofits, web design and online strategy uses her site to educate nonprofits about new technologies they can use in their own organization. She posts helpful studies, interviews, news updates and reviews, and puts them in a context that anyone can understand.

Whether reporting on social media trends or fundraising techniques, her current position in the UK allows her to see happenings from both sides of the pond. You can see this level-headed perspective in her commentary on issues such as the hype surrounding donations made with social media applications:

“Despite the initial awe and excitement around a number like $20 Million, I want to take a moment to think about the other side of the data. There certainly is more to the story and I hope you’ll share your perspectives as well.”

The nonprofit world can definitely benefit from well-informed cynicism like this. But Ward’s is not the only voice in the dialogue, as many others take part and post comments, questions and concerns. Perhaps most impressive of all is the fact that Ward responds to nearly each and every one, making the move towards technology a collaborative process.


So just in time for Valentine’s Day, nonprofits and the tech world are getting along better than ever. That’s something we all can use.

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