Reviewed: 10 Ways to Change the World in Your Twenties

tenways2While many older and wiser people will tell you how lucky you are to be in your twenties, how this is the most exciting time in your life and that it never gets better than this, the truth is, when you’re living them, the twenties are pretty exhausting.

Your first real job. Financial independence (i.e. debt). Relationships (or lack thereof). These are issues that fill this decade with hurdles to jump and hoops to leap through.

Now take those problems and add our current global situation into the equation. With war, economic recession and environmental crisis as our inheritance, Generation Y faces more challenges than ever.

However, with problems come possibility, and author Libuse Binder takes these weighty issues and turns them into concrete ways we can improve the world while on our path to self-discovery.

10 Ways to Change the World in Your Twenties offers creative ideas and practical resources for the ambitious twentysomething. Each chapter is devoted to a specific issue, including green living, volunteerism, political activism and financial responsibility.

Readers can learn how to throw purposeful parties, eat with a conscience, and turn their passion into their profession. Moreover, each idea for change is rated on time, cost and lifestyle impact.

So whether you are on a shoestring budget or have a semester to travel the world, Binder will have an accessible and impactful opportunity for you.

Which makes the quarter-life crisis seem a lot less catastrophic.

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