Cash for Caring: Pepsi Puts Up Blog, Lots of $$$, for Ideas that Refresh Our Communities

pepsiIs your organization idea-rich but cash-poor? You’re not alone.

We have a lot of smart people in our communities with great concepts for solving problems, but because only a gifted few are also strong fundraisers, much of our best thinking never materializes into impactful projects.

This year, big thinkers like you can get some help from Pepsi. With its “Refresh Everything” campaign, the company is looking to put millions of dollars each month into the hands of folks who know what to do with it.

To launch the program, Pepsi has put up a blog at, and you can go there now to get a sense of the kinds of ideas that will be capturing their attention. Submissions may be officially made starting on January 13.

Here a few program details from Pepsi:

  • Throughout 2010, millions of dollars will be awarded in $5,000 (10/month), $25,000 (10/month), $50,000 (10/month) and $250,000 (2/month) grants on a monthly basis.
  • Submitted projects should fall into one of six categories: Arts & Culture, The Planet, Education, Food & Shelter, Neighborhoods, and Health.
  • Projects ideas need to be US-based and benefit projects within the US.
  • The Project must be implemented within 12 months.
  • The Project must have a social/public benefit.
  • Voting for the January round of the Refresh Project begins on February 1st. Voting starts on the 1st of each subsequent month and continues throughout the last day of every month

Learn more at