Growing Good: MLK Day Volunteer Opportunities Explode at VolunteerMatch

mlk day of service volunteeringGetting your MLK Day of Service recruitment plans finalized? So are thousands of other nonprofits across the nation. A quick search for the keyword “MLK” in our system pulls up more than 280 volunteer opportunities, and matches are being made every moment.

Meanwhile, this news report from The George Washington University encapsulates some of what is happening in communities across the nation… and what your organization may be missing out on if you’re truly looking for new volunteers.

With less than two weeks to go until the eventful day, the time is now for your nonprofit to hop on this bandwagon.

If you’ve delayed because you need help, ideas, or tips, keep an eye right here. In coming days we’re going to be posting more resources to help you out, including a survey of how some of the most innovative nonprofits use the Day of Service to engage volunteers year-round.

We’ll also be posting a new feature at designed to help volunteers get inspired and engaged on MLK Day themes before they search.

One very important point: When you post to VolunteerMatch, be sure to include keywords like “MLK,” “MLK Day,” ” Day of Service,” “King Day,” etc., so your opportunities get picked up in our feed.

(Photo: VolunteerMatch/Employees volunteer during the 2007 Schwab FERSTT Aid Day)