Women Of Worth: The Contributions of Women

Today L’Oréal Paris’ honored ten women for exceptional achievements and tireless volunteerism efforts as part of its annual Women Of Worth campaign.

L’Oréal’s list of inspiring women is here. All ten are having an amazing impact in their community, and of course all ten are demonstrating the leadership and commitment of women in the nonprofit sector — an industry already packed with powerful and effective women.

Did you know more than 80% of visitors to VolunteerMatch are female? It’s true, and the strange thing about this stat is that it doesn’t really reflect the overall volunteering trend in the U.S.

Most studies, to be sure, show that woman volunteer at a higher rate than men, but just slightly. For example, a report we just co-released with Fidelity® Charitable Gift Fund, puts the rate of monthly volunteering at 54% for women and 43% for men.

So what is it about VolunteerMatch that so appeals to women? Whatever it is, we’ll take it. We’re amazingly proud to support our own “women of worth.”